The ASDOMAR Sustainability Report

A transparency pact with consumers that is renewed

Bilancio Sostenibilita ASDOMAR 2022


the core of ASDOMAR Quality

The ASDOMAR Sustainability Report summarizes our commitment to applying sustainability to the key elements of our business: the sources of supply and the traceability of raw materials deriving from fishing, but also the precious manufacturing skills in the processing of tuna and mackerel, safety at work, efficiency in the use of energy, water and the reuse of processing waste during the production process.

Today, we present the eleventh edition. Each year, the intention was to enrich the document and the reporting through continuous improvements, both qualitative and quantitative. Presented  in correspondence with the Financial Statements, it fully and systematically illustrates to all interested parties the commitment of Generale Conserve in the field of Sustainability: an approach that covers all economic, social and environmental aspects linked to the concept of Quality and Respect.



The 2022 Sustainability Report at the Consumer’s reach, for truly conscious purchases

The ASDOMAR 2022 Sustainability Report participates in the Consumerlab Letter to the Consumer project. The aim of the project is to make it easier and more immediate to narrate those activities carried out by companies that have really contributed to creating shared wellbeing. A way to make those who buy more aware and ensure that every day they can do their part.

Letter to the consumer

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ASDOMAR Sustainability Award

EcoVadis is a corporate sustainability rating that examines 4 macro-areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis evaluates more than 75,000 companies worldwide and its Gold Medal is awarded only to the most deserving 5% of these for each sector.

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