Fishing areas

Traceability of a fish product provides a guarantee to the consumer, as it tells its story with documented information: name of the ship, date fished, species, method used and FAO area of origin, all of which are synonymous with quality and safety of the fish.

Let’s get to know the main fishing areas:

The FAO areas are outlined in the map below, indicated in numbers that represent Oceans, seas or portions of them.

Fishing areas Area definition
Northwestern Atlantic
n. 21
Northeast Atlantic
n. 27
Baltic Sea
n. 27.III.d
Western Central Atlantic
n. 31
Eastern Central Atlantic
n. 34
Southwest Atlantic
n. 41
Southeast Atlantic
n. 47
Mediterranean Sea
n. 37.1, 37.2, 37.3
Black Sea
n. 37.4
Indian Ocean
n. 51, 57
Pacific Ocean
n. 61, 67, 71, 77, 81, 87
n. 48, 58, 88
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