OLBIA PLANTWe process our tuna completely in Italy

THE NEW PLANT IN OLBIA renews a tuna processing tradition that has been ongoing for over 60 years.

We have brought production to Italy, and specifically to Olbia, since 2008, optimising on the long tradition and art of tuna processing.

In 2010, we inaugurated a new and highly modern plant, with the investment sustained entirely by the company at 25 million euros. It is the most modern in Europe and has opened the doors to a new generation of taste artisans.

THE TUNA ARRIVES WHOLE and is fully processed in the same facility.

Our yellowfin tuna is processed completely in Olbia, because true Italian quality can only be achieved by maintaining the entire tuna production cycle here and not only “putting it in the can” in Italy.

We receive the whole tuna in our plant and conduct all of the production phases here, from sectioning to packaging, following the fully Italian art of cooking, cleaning and selecting the fish.

ZERO-WASTE PRODUCTION We do not throw away any part of our fish.

The attention to sustainability, a continuously optimised cycle to best use the raw material and the introduction of an internal system for the production of fish flour designated for animal husbandry, enables us to process our fish everyday, without producing any waste from processing.

A CHOICE AGAINST THE TREND contributing to the area’s economy.

The decision to locate production in Olbia is a choice that goes against trends. We have never given in to the temptation to relocate the more artisanal phases, and therefore contribute to sustaining employment in Italy, triggering a virtuous cycle with more jobs, more purchasing power, more consumption and, therefore, even more jobs.

Very high energy efficiency and environmental performance levels.


The plant in Olbia used 100% Renewable Energy provided by the Romagna Energia consortium.



Approximately 600 White Certificates have been obtained for the reduction of CO2 emissions in 2014.



Plastic, Steel, Wood, Paper and Cardboard all sent 100% for recycling.



The Olbia plant has reused approximately 30% of the water taken.



Over 220,000 euros in expenses and investments to minimise environmental impacts.



Once again in 2014, there were no formal complaints or disputes regarding the plant’s environmental impact, nor any fines or sanctions received for non-compliance with environmental regulations and legislation.

AsdomarStabilimento di Olbia

Zona industriale settore 6,
Via Corea 15/17,
07026 Olbia (OT)

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