It is the art of continuing to do things well.

The counter-current choice to work the tuna in Sardinia and the mackerel in Portugal has saved an invaluable treasure of craftsmanship and professionalism that today gives value to our product.

Quality in SELECTION

We do everything, processing the tuna from whole.

Product quality control starts from afar, from the place of origin, with respect of the stringent parameters we expect in selecting our raw material.

We choose them with care, looking into their eyes.

Observing the whole tuna tells us about its characteristics, including information such as species, size, freshness and appearance of the meat, ensuring high and consistent standards.

Precision is everything

Expert selection of the parts is at the heart of ASDOMAR quality.

The most advanced technologies accompany the artisanal capacities and careful eye of our workers. But it is in the moment of selection, in which the parts are designated to the various types of processing, that the experience passed on through the generations emerges. Knowledge that truly makes the difference in the product that ends up on our tables.


+ 15 Kg – 1 mt in length

ASDOMAR Yellowfin Tuna

All production phases for our tuna are carried out in Olbia. A location choice for our operations that has recovered a precious local artisanal tradition.

Here we carry out all phases of production: from sectioning to packaging, following the fully Italian art of cooking, cleaning and selecting the fish. Only in this way is true Italian quality produced, giving an authentic value to the phrase “Processed in Italy”, which is on our labels.

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Artisanal quality is also Made in Portugal.

Acquisition of the Vila do Conde facility in Portugal has revived processing that is backed by an extensive tradition, highlighted in the manual processing of raw material caught by local co-ops in the waters of the Atlantic, onto which the Plant faces.

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+ 1.8 Kg ~ 40 cm in length


The artisan processing of fillets: grilled and with extra virgin olive oil.

Since 2016, skipjack processing has begun at the Vila do Conde plant in Portugal. The knowledge handed down by 5 generations of women in the artisanal processing of fish today finds a new expression in our fillets with organic extra virgin olive oil and grilled tuna fillets.

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Our People

Our quality is in the hands, attention and passion of many people.
It is an invaluable treasure of experience and professionalism, which truly makes us proud.

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Quality in CONTROL

Each day we conduct the following in Olbia

~ 215
food safety checks on tuna

analysing histamine, mercury and Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVB-N) levels.

to which are added each year

~ 1050
analyses of oil quality and safety

conducted with the support of sophisticated equipment.

Our laboratory

The Olbia plant has its own laboratory, accredited as a third party by Accredia (The Italian
Accreditation Body) for analyzes on the food safety of tuna (levels of mercury, salt and humidity of the raw fish material).

We also conduct quality analyses that include:


conducted on the incoming raw material through an initial cooking test, and then repeated on the finished product.


analyses the product’s compliance to qualitative standards, in terms of colour and consistency.


compares the two parameters to ensure the correct percentage of oil in the can compared to the quantity of product.


of thermostatic stability and any free water, the presence of which could facilitate bacterial growth.


verifies the salt concentration in the product, ensuring optimal levels in nutritional terms.


determines the protein, glucose and lipid content of the product and evaluates the content in terms of moisture and ash.


Our quality is a true guarantee of safety.

Important resources have been invested in food safety, with the creation of a structure of excellence within the Olbia plant. The whole management system implemented in Olbia and Vila do Conde is certified according to internationally recognized standards.