Grilled Tuna Fillets in olive oil

Grilled Tuna Filletsin olive oil

Handmade, and perfectly grilled one by one according to a tradition very present in Portuguese cuisine, which prefers strong and enveloping flavors, characterized by intense and fragrant notes. You can really let yourself be guided by your eyes: thanks to the glass vase, the quality is really at first sight.

pack of 150 gr

average nutrional valuesfor 100 grams of drained product

Energy: 202 kcal

Energy 202 kcal
849 kJ
202 kcal
10 gr
of which saturated
1.5 gr
0 gr
of which sugar
0 gr
0 gr
28 gr
0.4 gr
equivalent to
  • 0h 57
  • 0h 21
  • 0h 24
  • 0h 28
  • 1h 17
  • 0h 28
  • 0h 33
  • 0h 38
Estimated values ​​for women (55 kg) and men (75 kg)


Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), olive oil, salt


WHEREin not over exploited Ocean Areas

Fished in FAO Area excluding marine reserves or areas designated to become so.

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SPECIESskipjack tuna certified

Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis)

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FISHING METHOD100% sustainable purse seine

Fished with purse seines on free schools, the most selective method with the lowest impact, together with pole & line fishing, to capture this species.

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PROCESSINGProcessed in Portugal

Processed with passion and artisanal care

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Frien of the sea

the sustainability of our products is certified

Friend of the Sea was created with the goal of preserving and protecting the marine habitat, which it promotes through the certification and promotion of products arising from fishing activities as well as from sustainable aquaculture. A virtuous pathway that follows the FAO guidelines and that comprises the application of highly rigorous and selective certification criteria. The assessments made by Friend of the Sea are conducted in the production companies by independent certification bodies, verified by Accredia such as DNV and RINA, and on board the vessels by independent observers.

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