Quality and Respect

During treatmentbecause artisanship makes the difference
In taste because you can taste the job well done at the table
For the seait is a concrete commitment for the sustainable fishing
For the peopleit is about transparency and certified responsibility

ProductsMake your Dishes special with our quality.


We process fish from the whole tuna. Quality is the result of a combination of artisanship and the most advanced technology.

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We only select salmons of the “Salmo Salar” species, bringing out the best with processing done entirely by hand.

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We prepare fillets with artisanal craftsmanship, according to the ancient Portuguese recipe.

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Asdomar isQUALITY
100% MADE IN

We have decided to invest in Italy, in the skilled hands of its men and women.

Our history of quality is their history. That of a human and professional heritage that makes us unique in the world. Recovered and enhanced to transform a promise of quality into a guarantee for those who choose us.

We process our tuna entirely in Italy, because we believe that the value of our culinary tradition is what makes the difference.


Asdomar isRespect

Our idea of respect goes beyond the commitment for 100% sustainable fishing. It is attention to work and to the value of people, and care with regard to those who choose us.


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